Hi! I’m Jen and I am the owner and photographer at The Freckled Feather. I’m a story teller. A lover of emotion. And someone who truly loves what I do.

 I’m a Southern Californian – born and raised – with a heart for Southern charm and a simple life. I’m a busy Mama to five little ones that keep me on my toes and laughing throughout my days. If I’m not busy with clients or editing, I’m busy being Lego Master, Ouchie-Kisser, Homework Checker, Wife and Mother Extraordinaire! Life has taken me on many adventures, but my favorite one is the adventure I am on with my husband, Cody. An old fashioned southern man from Texas who found himself in California during his time in the Marines. Little did he know, he’d meet me and would be camping out in good ol’ So Cal for the next chapter of his life! I’ve truly been blessed to find such an amazing partner. He has supported me, encouraged me, pushed me, and held on tightly as I chased my passion. Without him and his enduring faith and support, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Together, we’re raising our family (also known as our tiny tribe). When I’m not behind the camera or behind the computer editing, you will find me DIY-ing and crafting into the wee hours of the night, helping out at my church, or lounging with my family.

Life is the greatest adventure and greatest story ever told. My hope is that I can capture the story of YOUR adventure for you.